FAQ - frequently asked questions

Questions relating to the goods:
How should I choose the right size of shoes or clothing?
The website shows the size charts. For clothing is used the most the international marking, also with particular measurements. For shoes, there is comparison size in England, Europe and in the USA. Here it should be noted that goods from different manufacturers may vary slightly from those mentioned measurements and therefore we show also the size charts by different manufacturers (brands).

Is it possible to replace the goods , if it doesn´t fit the size or something else?
It is better to consider before buying if the size, design and other features really truly meet your expectations and then you place an order. This will avoid unnecessary problems later on and save time and money and not only yourselves, but also to us. In some cases it is possible the exchange of goods, such cases are dealt individually, of course, as far as possible to satisfy our customers. For all exchanges of goods: the buyer is obliged to inform the seller of this step as soon as possible, within 7 days of delivery the goods, the buyer pays all costs associated with the exchange of the goods.

Why you do not offer all sizes for all goods? Is it possible that my desired size will be available later?
We try to have the offer of goods on the widest range of sizes, but since the majority of products is from outlet (limited quantity), it is not possible to have availability in all sizes for all goods. It would have then had to change almost the entire structure of assortment and of course prices. It means that your desired size could be available later. However, we cannot say when, because it relates always on our suppliers. Items and sizes are added and removed on a daily basis, so try to visit our website sometimes later or maybe you can send us a question or comment via email and we will try to help you as best as we can. Customer satisfaction is for us always on first place.

How is possible that you have such affordable prices compared to other stores?
We buy all goods exclusively in abroad. Our suppliers are directly wholesalers, it means that we buy at wholesale prices and thus we are avoiding of the additional costs to other intermediary companies. Also we exist just as an online eshop, so we save costs, particularly from personnel and storage perspective. Therefore we can have much better prices than local stores. We plan to expand our range of offered products, progressively we want to cooperate with other suppliers.

Questions regarding to the orders:
Would I get the good in sufficient quantity, price and design exactly the same as how I ordered on your website?
Yes, you get exactly the product that is shown on our website. All goods sold by us are of high quality, absolutely genuine and branded. It is important to note, however, that it happens that sometimes we are not able to deliver all ordered goods. Because we sell goods from outlets (on sale), it is limited by the amount and because of great price, it happens that at the time of your order is already the good or its version (size or design) sold out. We cannot do anyhing to prevent it because some goods are sometimes sold out incredibly quickly. Such inconveniences are always solved individually. We believe that you can understand it and even though we will keep your favor and interest.

How long does it last the whole buying process - from ordering of goods to the delivery?
Goods are ordered from abroad, we almost always receive them to Slovakia in 5-10 days, then we send it to your address by Slovak post. This means that you should receive your delivery in about 14 to 21 days from making an order. Sometimes it happens that some unforeseen circumstances will come (e.g. delays in shipments abroad or in Slovakia) and therefore we have a delivery time within 21 days. Exceptional cases we handle always individually. We will inform you every time about the status of your order.

How do I know the status of my order?
Order tracking you can find out by logging in to your user account. It is mentioned in the history of your purchases (orders). About the handling of your order, we will always notify you by email or by phone.

How and when can I cancel or change my order?
Order can be cancelled or changed at any time by email or phone before confirmation of order from seller or no later than within 24 hours after confirmation.

How can I pay for the goods to your bank account?
You can make a one-time transfer (payment order) from your bank account via internet banking or directly in your bank. Also you can use your paypal account and send money to our paypal account: jozefilles33@gmail.com. In all cases, use as a variable symbol the number of your order or your full name in description of payment so that we can easily identify your payment.

Other questions:
Where can I find your store?
Unfortunately, we exist just as an internet shop.

How can I contact you?
It is best if you send us email or message through the contact form on our website. We will answer you usually within 24 hours. You can also call us, all the contact information are listed on our website in the top left - block Information.